Autel MaxiSys MS906 Auto Diagnostic Scanner Tablet Troubleshooting

This is some useful tips when there’s something wrong with Autel MS906 tablet, including battery & charge problem and machine running problem.
Autel MaxiSys MS906

1.When the display tablet does not work properly:

? Make sure the tablet has been registered online.

? Make sure the system software and diagnostic application software are properly updated.

? Make sure the tablet is connected to the Internet.

? Check all cables, connections, and indicators to see if the signal is being received.

2.When battery life is shorter than usual:

? This may happen when you are in an area with low signal strength. Turn off your device if is not in use.

3.When you cannot turn on the tablet:

? Make sure the tablet is connected to a power source or the battery is charged.

4.When you are unable to charge the MS906 tablet:

? Your charger maybe out of order. Contact your nearest dealer.

? You may be attempting to use the device in an overly hot/cold temperature. Try changing the charging environment.

? Your device may have not been connected to the charger properly. Check the connector.

NOTE: If your problems persist, please contact Autel’s technical support personnel or your local selling agent.