How to Choose GM Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner?

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GM Tech2 Tech 2 Diagnostic Scanner with TIS2000 Software and CANDI interface Full Package DHL Shipping

GM Tech2 Tech 2 Diagnostic Scanner with TIS2000 Software and CANDI interface Full Package DHL Shipping

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  • Item No. SP23-1
Full set GM TECH2 Diagnostic Scanner
Without carrying case, package lighter, easier to pass customs
Including CANDI interface, TIS2000 software.
How to program GM Vans Cruise Control with GM Tech2
Vehicle coverage:
2007-2009 Chevrolet Equinox and Pontiac Torrent mid-size crossovers
2008-2009 GM full size Vans
GM Tech 2 scanner
Programming cruise control with Tech 2 instruction:
1. Turn the ignition to ON position
2. Connect the GM Tech2 scanner with vehicle via OBD port
3. Power up the Tech2 device. Enter the main menu
4. Select F1: Service Programming System
5. Select F0:Request Info
6. Select Continue with USB software key
7. Select vehicle model Chevrolet or Pontiac
8. Select vehicle year, like 2007
9. Select LD TRK, MPV, Incomplete
10. Select detail specific model: Equinox or Torrent
11. Follow the system prompts and select Continue with USB soft key
12. Click Yes to verify the displayed VIN and confirm it is correct
13. Turn the ignition OFF. Unplug the Tech2 scan tool from the vehicle.
14. Connect the Tech 2 to the TIS computer
15. Power up the Tech2 and start running the TIS software program
16. Select Diagnostic Tool: TechⅡ
17. Select Programming Process: Replace and Reprogram ECU
18. Select ECU location: Vehicle
19. Click Next until the VIN id displayed
20. Verify the VIN by click Yes and then click Next to continue.
21. Select Controller: BCM
22. Select Programming Type: Normal
There are 3 options in the program: System, Interior/Exterior Lighting and Power-train Control.
For System Select Calibration, choose #25828506-Steering Wheel Control UK3
For Interior/Exterior Lighting, choose #25828503(No Fog Lights) or #25828504(With Fog Lights)
For Power-train Control, choose #25828488-Cruise Control K34
23. Verify calibration files are correct, click Next to continue
24. When complete load data to Tech2 scanner, click Close
25. Disconnect TECH2 OBDⅡscanner from TIS2000 and vehicle
26. Turn the ignition ON and power up the Tech2 device.
27. Select F1: Service Programming System
28. Select F0: Program ECU. Verify the VIN is correct.
29. Follow the screen prompts and click Continue with USB soft key
30. Wait about 2 minutes to download the data. Then turn off the ignition for 10 sec.
All GM Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner Comparison:

Item NO. Package Weight 32MB Card CANDI TIS2000 USB Key Hot Selling
SP23 Plastic Case 9.1 Yes Yes Need to buy seperately ★★★★☆
SP23-1 Carton Box 4.6 Yes Yes Need to buy seperately ★★★★
SP23-B Plastic Case 9.1 Yes Yes Inlcude in package ★★★★★
SP23-B3 Carton Box 3.15 Yes Yes Need to buy seperately ★★★★
SP23-C Plastic Case 9.1 Yes Yes Need to buy seperately ★★★
SP23-D Plastic Case 9.1 Yes Yes Need to buy seperately ★★★
All of GM Tech2 are same functions,they are just from different factory.
SP23,SP23-1 the same,just the package case is different,one is with plastic case,one not.
SP23-B,SP23-B3 the same,the packing is different,one is with plastic case,one not.

1.Tips to Use GM TECH2 Diagnostic Scanner:
1.Note:It is for North American Holden cars,if for Australia Holden,please check Launch X431 IV.For 2010-2012 year Australia Holden,please check for GM MDI.
2.Support key programming of part GM car models,does not need to use with TIS2000 USB Key for key programming function.
3.If you need to use TIS2000 software,for gm cars need to get Item NO.SO01,for SAAB Item NO. SO01-B.

GM Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner Accessory:
Item NO. Name Fucntion
SP23-Z GM Tech2 Main Unit GM Tech 2 Multiplexer
SP23-V GM Tech2 VCI module VCI
SP23-J GM Tech2 Keypad Keypad
SP09-B GM Tech2 CANDI Candi
SF63 Main Test Cable for GM TECH2 Main Test Cable
SO104 OBD2 16PIN Connector for GM TECH2 OBD2 Cable
SO01 TIS2000 USB Key for GM cars Work with Tech2 for GM cars' programming function before 2007 year.
SO01-B TIS2000 USB Key for SAAB cars Work with TECH2 for SAAB before 2008 year cars' programming.
SP235 ISUZU DC 24V Adapter Type II for GM Tech2 Test ISUZU vehicles or Engine with 24V battery

How to solve GM Tech2 TIS 2000 Error E666

This help to solve GM tech 2 diagnostic tool error “E666 – Access to Service Programming Server was denied” in TIS 2000 interface.
Tools used:
Chinese Tech 2 scanner and also a dongle with cd for tis 2000
laptop with Windows XP (won’t work on Windows 7)
Background information:
the tech 2 is working perfectly but the tis have some problems that i cant solve
i downloaded the tis for reprogramming ecus .. flashing . upgrading
as i read while searching for the best tool to work with american cars GM . isuzu…
so installed the program and trying to access to SPS but it keeps error E666: Access to Service Programming Server was denied.
Tried but failed:
installed it standalone also server database . many times but no use
Tried successfully:
need a New-Different “Safe” cable if you using USB —-> RS232…..
make sure the cable is a rs-232 and not a rs232c
To set COM port.
Normal TIS2000 software that comes with it requires a USB security dongle. Go figure. TIS2000 is COM yet the security is USB. This REALLY screws up things sometimes.
If you do need the dongle and don’t have one, it will come with error E666

Add Corvette RPO Option Codes with GM Tech2

Here share the detailed steps on how to add Corvette RPO option codes with GM tech2.
GM TECH2 scanner display
gm tech 2 scanner

1. Startup TECH2
2. Enter Diagnostics menu
3. Enter year of car
4. Enter Passenger Car menu
5. Select Body from the menu

6. Select Y body from menu

7. Select body style from menu (Coupe/Sedan is FRC/ZO6)

8. Select transmission type

9. Enter body control module menu for adding/deleting option codes such as automatic headlamps, F45 suspension. If you are interested in adding the tire pressure monitoring system please skip to Step 15 below.

10. Enter Special Functions menu

11. Enter BCM RPO Reprogram
12.Enter cars country of origin

13.Toggle functions on and off. The asterisk next to the option code indicates this function has been turned on. Note that the Automatic and Manual HVAC controls are both turned on. This is normal and should be ignored. Go ahead and hit the save option button when your done and power off the TECH2.

Setting up tire pressure monitoring
14. Enter Remote function actuation menu

15. Enter special functions menu

16. Enter set options menu

17. Enter tire pressure monitor menu

18. Toggle function on and hit save options and power off TECH2

when you finished go ahead and train your tire pressure sensors through the driver information center.

So far, all has been done.

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