Creator C110+ V5.2 BMW Code Reader

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Product Description

Creator C110 for BMW Code Reader V5.2 supports for BMW from 2000 to 2008 year. Creator c100 v2.0 can read trouble codes, clear trouble codes, displays live data stream,clear adaption and vehicle information. Add MINI Cooper test function.We supply the Creator C110 code reader with unlimited technical support.
Creator C110 For BMW Code Reader V5.2
Top 4 Reasons to Choose Creator C110
1.Newest Version: V5.2
2.Support Two Languages: English/ Spanish.
3.Support multi car models: for BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 series, 8 series, X series, Z series and Mini
4.Support Multi Functions: Read trouble codes, clear trouble codes, displays live data stream, Component Testing, Clear adaptation and vehicle version information.
Supports for BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 series, 8 series, X series, Z series and Mini
Feedback from customers,do not suggest on:2001 BMW 3.0L Z3; 2009 BMW 328i; 2000 BMW E46 328i;
Applicable system include(supports for BMW from 2000 to 2008 year):
For DME,  For EGS,  For ABS,  For SRS,  For IHKA/IHKR, For  IKE/IKI/KOMBI, For  EML,  For SPM/SM,  For EWSZKE,  For GR, For  PDC,  For SZM,  For BIT,  For LSZ/LCM,  For LEW, For RAD, For EHC/EDC,For BM, For AIC, For NAV, For MFL,For  VID, For SES, For MID, For SHD,  For SMF, For SPMBT, For SPMFT,For  VTG, For CID, For EPS, For SBSL, For SBSR, For CVM, For SIM, For SMB, For URS, For RDC, For VMX, For VNC,  For EKM, For DWA, For XEN,For  FHK,For  GSA,For  AHK, For ADS, For CAS, For DME,For  EGS, VTC, HPFI, ACC, ARS, CIM, DSC,  EDC, EHC, EMF, RDC, AHL, AHM, AMP, ASK, SZM/BZM, FBZM, CD, CD-GW, SG-FD, SG-FD- GW, FD, CDC, CON, FCON, DWA, FBI, IHKA, FKA, HKL, For JBIT, For KHI, For KOM,For  LM,For  DVD-C, For NAV , For JNAV, For PDC, For CA, For PM/MPM, For RLS,For  SASL, For SASR, For SBSL, For SBSR, For SFZ, For SSBF, For SSFA, For SSH, For STVL ,  For STVR,  For SHD,  For SINE,  For SMFA, For  SMBF,  For SMFAH,  For SMBFH,  For SHZH,  For SVS, For  SZL,  For SEC,  For TEL, For  TCU,  TMBF T,  TMBFH,  TMFAT,  TMFAH,  VM,  WIM,  ZGM,  SIM,  KBM,  For SBSL,  SBSR,  TMFA,  TMBF,  CID,  AL ,  JBE,  MRS/ACSM,  FRM,  RLS,  FZD,  CCC-ANT,  DDE,  CCC-A,  For EKPS,  For GWS, For  VTG,  For VTC,  For VTC2,   For CCC-ASK,  For AL,  For EDCSHL, For  EDCSHR,  For EDCSVL,  For EDCSVR, For  VDM,  For ACSM, For  AMPH,  AMPT,  CA,  For CCC-BO,   CCC-GW,  CHAMP-BO,  CHAMP-GW,  CNAV,  DAB,  FD,  FLA,  FRM2,  FZD,  HUD,  IBOC,  IHKA,  INS TR,  JBE2,  KHM,  KNAV,  M-ASK-BO,  M-ASK-GW,  RFK,  For RLSS, For  RSE,  SDARS,  SINE,  ULF-SBX,   ULF-SBX-H,  VSW,  EHC,  ULF,  IHKR,  IHR,  M-ASK-NAV,  MRS,  RAD2-BO,  RAD2-GW,  SDMRS,   DME2,  ACC2,  ANT,  ARS,  BZM,  CD,  CEM,  CIM2,  LM2 AHL2,  LM2,  LM2,  NVE,  NVK,  PM,  SEC 2,  SGM-SIM,  SGM-ZGM,  VTC2,  ZBM,  DSC,  DSC,  ALBBF,  ALBFA,  CIC,  CIC-GW,  IHKA2,  KGM,   SZL2,  LDM,  LRR,  MPM,  SMG,  TLC,  Integrate Chas Manag,  Rol-mo dis,  rear axle,  ABS /ACS/DSC,  For AMP,For   IHKS, For  IHS, For  MJOY,  For AIRBAG,  For EWS.

Package including:
1pc x C110 code reader
1pc x USB cable
1pc x User's manual
Creator C110 for BMW FAQ:
Q:May I use Creator C110 to do 2005 for Mini Cooper S?
A: Yes, this car in the vehicle list.
Q:Sorry, I cannot start Creator C110.
A:Please update it at first, Creator C110 will be start.
Q:Dose Creator C110 can read and erase "Check engine soon warm"? dose it can erase airbag?
A:Creator C110 can diagnose and repair engine obd2 and engine lights failure, air bags can diagnose and repair, but not erased.
Q:May I use Creator C110 to do 1998 for BMW 528i US?
A:This device support 2000-2008 for BMW.


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Tech Support

Creator C110 BMW Code Reader V3.0 FAQ
Creator C110 BMW Code Reader V3.0 FAQ
Q: Whether the item support airbag reset function?
A: It do not have such function, it is just a diagnostic tool.If you want to airbag reset tool, you can choose BMW B800 Airbag Scan/Reset TOOL
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