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Slica SBB Key Programmer V33 Immobilizer Suit for Most Vehicles with Multiple Languages Shipping from USA

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Product Description

  1. Slica SBB Key Programmer V33
  2. 1.Suit for Most Vehicles with Multiple Languages
  3. 2.SBB key programmer is easy to use
  4. 3.Supportted Car Models: Multi-brands

Slica SBB Key Programmer V33 Immobilizer Suit for Most Vehicles with Multiple Languages

SBB Key  Programmer

Top 11 Reasons to Get SBB V33 Key Programmer:

1.  Software Version: V33
2.  Languages available:  
3. Supportted Car Models: Multi-brands
4. reading keys from immobilizer's memory
5. deactivating keys no longer in the car owner's possession
6. operation by means of a menu guided programming
7. programming new remote controls
8. software with full database containing all the most important vehicle makes
9.  we provide one year warranty and after-sales services.
10. SBB Key Programmer Password:38023118
11.  Free Download:
       SBB Vehicle List  
       SBB Instruction  
       SBB Incode Calculator 

SBB Key Code Programmer V33 suitable for cars before 2008,If you want to do new cars till 2014, You can choose CK-100 V45.06 Auto Key Programmer

more function you can choose sbb2  
                                                                        Super SBB2 vs Silca SBB”.
  Super SBB2 key programmer Silca clone SBB key programmer
Image  super-sbb2  sbb-key-programmer-v33
Price 159 usd 79 usd
Language English English/




Protocol SAE-J1850 PWM, SAE-J1850 VPW, KWP2000, ISO-9141, CANBUS, SINGLE CAN CAN BUS, etc.






OBD Yes Yes
Eeprom adater Yes NO
BMS reset Yes NO
Mileage correction Yes NO
Maintenance reset Yes NO
Car list Cars up to the 2017 year


Super SBB2 Car List

Cars & trucks before the 2008 year


SBB V33.02 Car List pdf

SBB & MVP & T300 & AD900:
SBB copies chip according to the car model, while AD900 does according to chip model. SBB can still make key even if all of keys lost, because SBB interface is to insert into the OBD diagnostic seat to read chip data; AD900 can write the chip of an old key into a new key or empty key. And SBB can read immobilizer pin code as MVP and T300 do, while AD900 can not read immobilizer pin code, AD900 can not read immobilizer pin code, AD900 can directly copy and duplicate keys.

What type of cars can this product programming?
SBB Key Programmer is a univeral key programming tool.It can do lots of cars,but to detail car compatible list,there is a file on our website or you can contact our customer service.Below is support car list for reference,most are before 2008 years,not extactly right:
SBB Can match cars as follow:
Acura, holden CAN BUS, Japanese nissan
Alpha, American Honda, nissan truck
Audi, Honda, American nissan
Cadillac, nissan
Chrysler CAN BUS, jaguar, opel CAN BUS
Chrysler, jeep CAN, opel
Citroen, jeep, Peugeot
Dodge CAN BUS, kia, Renault CAN BUS
Dodge, Lancia, Renault
lexus, seat
Fiat PSA Lincoln, skoda
Fiat, Lincoln CAN BUS, suzuki
Australian ford, Mazda, Toyota
Australian ford CAN BUS, mercury, Brazil VW
American ford, mercury CAN BUS, vw
American ford CAN BUS, Australian mitsubishi
Ford, Greece mitsubishi
Brazilian GM, American mitsubishi
Holden, mitsubishi
vw CAN (no need password)
Nissan smart card
Toyota smart card
Suzuki (no need password)
Note: all ford do not need password
Can match car remote control:
Buick, dodge, alpha
Cadillac, fiat
Chveolet, opel, Lancia
Land rover
Jeep, rover
Chrysler, lexus

Slica SBB Key Programmer V33 PCB Image:

Package list:
1pc x SBB Main Unit
1pc x OBD II cable
1pc x AC adapter
1pc x CD with user manuals & updating software

More Question Please Chat in the Right Char Online
Such as key fob programming tool
Honda immobilizer programming

Contact Information:

Live Support: Chat with us online
E-mail: Sales@worldobd2.com 
Skype: wobd2.com 
What'sapp:+86 13372689373

Tech Support

Slica SBB Key Programmer Technical Service, If you need the SBB Key Programmer vehicle list and the technical service, You can check here.WOBD2.com supply you best price and professional technical service.
New SBB Silca Car Key Programmer V33
How to use SBB key programmer?
Even if  you have all of your car keys lost, sbb key programmer can make a new car key for you with no pressure
1) Before running SBB key programmer, please plug the new blank key into your car;
2) Turn on ignition switch;
3) Plug SBB 16-pin interface into OBD2 diagnostic seat in your car. SBB key programmer copy chip according to your car model, and it program to make a new key but not clone key, it only needs to plug SBB
16-pin interface into your car OBD2 interface, then read the immobilizer pin code from immobilizer dump/eeprom of the car and then write it into new blank key. When you make key in Ford vehicle, it does not need the pin code.
SBB key programmer reading pin code
SBB key programmer support reading pin code for Honda, Acura, Volkswagen, Toyota and Nissan.It needs pin code to read Volkswagen and Nissan, but doesn't need pin code to read Honda and Toyota.
1.Q: Can SBB apply to Austrialia Ford Falcon and Holden Commodores?
A: Of course
2.Q: Why SBB don't come with lots of connectors?
A: SBB can  connect with the car's OBD2 16pin connector directly
3.Q: Can this new version update?
A: Sorry, it does not have any new update at present,if it has,we will mark out in our description.
4.Q: What models can this product programming?
A: SBB is a professional key programming tool.It can apply to pretty much cars,if your want the list of car compatible,there is a file in our website or you can contact our customer service to give you one.
5.Q: What is the open machine password for SBB?
A: It is 38023118.
6.Q: How to get pin code in vehicles i want?
A: SBB can calculate some car's pin code.But it can not calculate those pin codes,you can use other pin code reader machine,such as following:
7.Q:Which year will this programmer support?
A:It will be suitable for cars before 2008 year.

8.Q: What is the open machine password for SBB?
A: password is 38023118.
9.Q: Can SBB match Austrialia Ford Falcon and Holden Commodores?
A: Yes,it can.
10.Q: Why SBB do not have lots of connectors?
A: This product can directly connect with the car's OBD2 16pin connector.
11.Q: Can this new version be updated?
A: The package will conclude with update information.

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