Vehicle Integrated Diagnostic Platform Full Version

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Product Description

Vehicle Integrated Diagnostic Platform for HONDA Full Version offers car diagnosing and key programming at same time. This Honda diagnostic scanner supports Honda & Acura car from 1992 to 2010 year.
We supply this Honda scan tool with unlimited technical support.

Vehicle Integrated Diagnostic Platform for HONDA Full Version

Please attention:
Some of our customers response it is no communication when they setup this product software. To solve this problem, you need to fill in the dealer code, then how to get this dealer code? You just fill in the series number pasted on the side of the product.

Honda functions include:
1.DTC reading and clearing (allows the user to read both permanent and temporary DTCs. Once the fault causing the DTC has been found and repaired the DTC tool can then be used to clear DTCs.)
2.Snapshot function (capture data relative to a trigger event)
3.Vehicle data display (value, line graph, or bar graph formats)
4.DLC locator diagrams
5.Data list display (real-time display of ECU parameters)
6.System Functional Tests (allows for more detailed testing of specific parts of the vehicle systems, "where the ECU"support these tests (e.g. Window movement, Lighting, Vehicle Gauges and engine components))
7.Onboard tutorial

Special function:
It can do smart keys. No need to input password. The machine automatically calculate the password and enter the IMMO system.

1.Hardware and software requirements:

1) PC or laptop with either Windows 2000 Professional (SP4 or later) or XP (SP1 or later)
2) Hard disk drive with at least 400MB of free space
3) CD-ROM drive (if a high-speed Internet connection is not available)
4) RS232 port required to connect PC to IDT
5) Monitor capable of displaying in VGA mode or above (1024 x 768 recommended)
6) Use for the following cars: All Honda model(Honda & Acura from 1992 to 2008)

2.Honda Electronic Control System:
1) Engine System
2) Theft Guard System
3) No key enter system, support serial and USB.
4) Antiblock system
5) Safty airbag system
6) Electronic air throttle system
7) Electronic booster system
8) Body electric system
9) Four-wheel turning system
10) ATTS
11) IMA
12) VTM-4
13) TPMS

Package list:
1x Vehicle Integrated Diagnostic Platform for HONDA Full Version
1x OBD2 cable
1x USB Cable
1x Honda 3pin to 16pin Cable

Q: what’s the dealer’s password of this product?
A: 000000000001
Q: Super Honda diagnostic tool-install sp93
A: If in the machine has sn number, directly input sn number
  If in the machine doesn’t has sn number, input 000000000002 

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What'sapp:+86 13372689373

Tech Support

VW Magotan Blower Cannot Work
My garage gets a VW Magotan car which has run 102,000 km. The driver reflects that when the air condition is on, the blower stops working, but others works normally.  
Check the car with VAS 5054, and read the trouble code 01273. It shows that in the air condition system, the flesh air fan V2 cuts off or it has short circuit to positive pole. The trouble fails to be erased. Measure the blower resistance; it is 0.5 Ω, which shows that blower is normal.
Use function03 to conduct the self-diagnosis of execute components. It fails to activate the blower. Take out the blower control unit. After measuring, I find that there is no positive power in it. According to the circuit diagram, I find out the blower fuse wire SC39, it is good. But I measure it and find that SC39 does not have 12V voltages. So I connect the power to SC39 directly, the blower can work. It means that the trouble is located in the circuits instead of air condition. There is only fuse wire SC39 in the air condition circuits, and no signs about the source of SC39. According to the basic appliances on the circuit diagram, I find that the electric source of SC39 is J519. Take out the plug T2CP of J519. It does not have 12V voltages. It shows that maybe J519 has no trouble; the trouble may be located in the other appliances.
Look at the circuit diagram again, I find that the power line is from SB29. Check the SB29. One of its plugs has poor connection. Change the E-box, the trouble is figured out. But, meanwhile, the radio cannot turn on, and the indoor light is not on. Enter the 2nd area of 19-08-00 with the VAS 5054, activation begins. It means that the transportation mode is open. Turn off the transportation mode, and then the trouble is erased successfully.